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George and I are scared of the dentist, no, probably terrified. It is a horrible experience, but I lucked out this time, because this time I was taking George. We go together just to have a presence of comfort. Today George had a 5 o'clock appointment. He had to get the last of his wisdom teeth out. Last time we went, he was in a lot of pain, and when 5 o'clock was nearing he started to get a little tense.
"Come on, George." I waved the car keys at him.
George just looked up at me and scrunched his face to the side.
I grabbed his elbow and tried to pull him up.
"It won't be too bad; I'll be there on your side." He then got up slowly and he did a little half-smile to me.
He grabbed the keys and we walked to the car. He moved his leg up and down a little while he was driving. I reached over and patted his arm a little.
"Calm down, George, it'll be alright." I reassured him.
He drove in the parking lot and waited he stared at the building with a blank stare. I watched him, and waited for him. He finally got out and I followed him inside. We walked to the desk and he waited for me to talk. I rolled my eyes and smiled.
"He has an appointment at five." I pointed at the guitarist.
The lady at the desk looked down and scanned through a clipboard.
"Hmm...yes, I will call you in, in a few minutes or so."
"Thank you." I nodded my head.
George and I sat down in the chairs and I tried to help George relax.
"So what are we going to do after this?" I flipped haphazardly through a magazine.
"John, I think I might be in a bit of pain to really have fun." He said sarcastically and he chuckled.
"Oh...yeah." I looked down and recalled the last time we were here.
We heard a creaking noise and we looked up to the door. The desk lady waggled her finger at us and she held the door open; George and I got up and walked inside. The room was empty and the white walls seemed to glare at us.  We followed the lady to a nearby room. No one was in the big room or in any of the rooms. I guess it was a slow day.
"The dentist will attend you soon." She closed the door loudly.
We stood there quietly and I walked around the room examining every little thing. Minutes later there was a very loud noise and I heard crying. I looked at George and we both raised our eyebrows in confusion. George opened the door and peered his head out, looking left and right. Then a woman started to talk.
"Will they be alright? I can't believe this is happening." She said over two children crying.
"Miss, can you please get the kit." He yelled to the desk lady. The mom seemed to be shushing the two boys.
"They fell off, and I cannot believe both of them got hurt. She sounded distressed. I heard footsteps nearing the door.
"I am very sorry, but you are going to have to wait another 45 minutes." He ran his fingers threw his hair and he looked stressed.
"Uh...okay." I spoke up.
"Please, just stay and I will even compensate you with two free toothbrushes and toothpaste."
"You we have two other friends." I circled my finger on the table and I tried to get free stuff out of him.
"Yes, okay...just stay right here and I will be with you shortly." He left the room.
"I got free toothbrushes." I said to myself and chuckled.
"Maybe I should've asked for more." George laughed and looked down at his shoes.
"Now I have to wait in anticipation for him to drill my teeth. ." He smiled at me nervously.
I turned around and we started to hear crying, shushing, and some loud machine. I saw George shiver slightly from the noise. I took off my glasses and rubbed my eyes. I folded my glasses and put them down on the counter. It was all blurry, but I rather not see than wear the damn glasses.
I grabbed some gloves and a mask to cover my mouth. I put them on, and moved my fingers like claws and turned around facing George.
"HMM, I see we have a little patient." I said in a creepy voice.
George raised his eyebrow.
"Yes, that patient is me." He played along.
"Well take a seat already, I want my break already." I pointed at the chair.
George smiled and sat down in the chair.
"Please be careful doctor." He chuckled.
"Oh don't worry. "I walked over to him and circled his chest with my finger slowly.
"I'll be gentle." I said close to his ear.
As I took a step toward him, I accidently stepped on some button on the floor. The chair moved back in a 180 degree angle.
"So what seems to be the problem?" I asked.
"I really don't know actually."
"Well open your mouth so we can find out." I pretended to seem like I knew what I was doing.
"You have some vampire-ish teeth I see."
"I can't help myself." He laughed. I leaned close to his face and pulled down my mask.
"I like vampire teeth, they are good for biting." I said in a deep voice. I was probably only one inch away from his face. I saw him smile flirtatiously.
"Oh yeah." I was still close to his face and I leaned slightly and touched his lips onto mine. I sucked on his bottom lip gently.
I ran one of my hands through his hair and George kind of grabbed on my arm and held on. Suddenly a drilling-like noise erupted. I pulled myself up and looked at the door. I walked over to it and locked it.
"No interruptions." I grinned as I walked back to him. He sat up a little and I grabbed his neck and kissed him. I was being quite rough with him. George still kissed back and I felt his tongue on mine. He moaned very quietly. I laid him back down I kissed him from there. My hands started to wander around his body.
"What are you doing doctor?" He said still playing my little game.
"You see I am qualified in other fields." I said as I was pulling off his tie. "And we should check everything out right now to save you from going to various doctors."
"Do I have to pay more?"
"No let's just say this is on me." I finally got his tie off and laid it on the counter nearby. I took his jacket and laid it with his tie. I kissed his neck while I unbuttoned his shirt, but halfway before I was done, he moved like he was reaching for something. He grabbed my glasses, and put them on, and the world was clear again.
"I like you in your glasses, John." He smiled slightly, and I did too. I resumed to kiss him.
I saw his skin turn to goose bumps. He let out little moans every now and then. I pulled him a little up and grabbed his shirt while my lips on his neck. His skinny body was just begging for my hands. I stopped and I took his coat and layer it over the top half of the chair.
"Lie down." I commanded. He did as I said. Then I took off my coat, and started rubbing near his crotch. I felt George shiver and I didn't know if it was because he was nervous about the dentist or if he was cold. I ran my fingers up and down his bare skin. I unzipped his pants, and tugged them down. I saw a bulge and smirked.
"Already? It has only been a few minutes."
I saw him look up at me and his eyes begged for pleasure. I rubbed him from outside over his underwear. He grumbled a little. I pulled down the thin piece of cotton to reveal his member. His cock was hard. I grabbed it and I pumped it very slowly. His head went back as far until the chair blocked him. I smiled at his moans. I got closer to him and licked his cock and kept on doing that. He reached down and touched my hair.
"Uh...faster, John."
"I don't know about that." I then started to pump him again and I sat him up to kiss him, his kisses were getting rougher like mine. I bit on his lip a little to
let him know I was in charge. He moaned in pain and in contentment. He kicked off his shoes and his socks. I unbuttoned my shirt but kept it on because it was still a little cold. I got up from him and I stared at his innocent body. He looked a little uncomfortable when I was staring at him all naked. His eyes were filled with embarrassment like I was scanning his body for imperfections. I didn't find any. I grabbed his hips and pulled them toward me. He smiled a little at me and the drill from outside was still running loudly.
"So George...tell me how much you want me." I unzipped my pants.
"Really bad." He said quietly.
"Really? You don't seem too keen." I pulled down my underwear. George looked up at me and blushed a bit. I put my hand near his mouth and looked down at my hand. He knew the drill. He made tense eye contact with me and spat on my hand. I took my hand and rubbed my cock with it. George watched me intensely and kept looking at my face and my cock. I stopped and I pulled George closer by the hips.
"You never finished telling me how much you want me."
"Please....John. I want you so bad." George said panting slightly. I grabbed his hips roughly and my cock touched his ass. I looked for one last time at him, and I closed my eyes briefly and I stuck it in. George's eyes closed and he bit his lip.  I went slowly, and with every thrust I moaned. I let go if his sides and my hands abused his body. His warm skinny body. George was panting and I looked down and his dick was big and hard. I started thrusting faster and George gripped on to the arm rest on the chair and he screamed with pleasure. I really hoped the drilling covered the screams.
I pounded inside him.
"JOHNNN." His head still rolled back, and he was clinging on the chair with a tight grip. I thought he was going to tear the thing. I liked the sound of him yelling my name, and I wanted him to keep screaming. I then pulled my cock out of him and I grabbed his arms. I helped him up and he was a little dazed about what I was doing. He stood there silently and leaned on a counter. He watched me as I grabbed my coat. I laid the coat down where someone would sit down. I took a few steps to George, and then I reached down to his cock. His eyes followed my hand and then he looked up to me.
"I'm not done yet." I whispered near his mouth. I squeezed his cock; his faced winced. I sat down on the chair and I guided him to me with my cock still in my hand.
"C'mere." I made myself comfortable in the chair and George sat on my lap. I touched his hair lightly to get rid of the static in his hair. He blushed a little as I smoothed his silky hair. He leaned down and kissed my shoulder. I propped him up to make him face towards me. I could feel his dick brush my stomach every time he adjusted himself. I rubbed my hands over his stomach and his back. I stared into his eyes and bit my lip, he blushed even more. I then grabbed his waist and picked up slightly. I sat him down on my cock and he moaned. George held some of fingers and he squeezed them. I started to thrust him up and down. His head went back and bit his lip hard. I was going rough on him, and my cock was a little dry so it probably hurt him a bit, but I didn't want to stop.
"It..hurtsss John." He moaned.
I held his hand in comfort.
"I know I know, but you feel so good." I tried to soothe him. He clutched my hand with every thrust. My fingers were starting to ache because of his squeezing. We were both moaning loudly, and the drilling was still going on.
"Say my name Georgie." I said between my grunts.
He didn't respond to my request. He just kept on moaning. He finally dropped down from a sitting position. The drilling noise stopped suddenly and one of George's screams probably ringed through the whole office. I immediately stopped, and George opened his eyes, and he looked up to the door. We were anticipating a knock on the door. Those few seconds were grueling. I assumed that nothing was going on, and I grabbed on to George's waist and starting bouncing him up again. The drilling noise started again. His arms were wrapped neck, and he had his face dug into my shoulder. He was squeezing my neck tighter and tighter like a snake killing its prey. I could feel the vibrations from his moans on my shoulder. His fingers were fussing with my shirt, and he started to bite my neck a little.
"Oww, George." I whispered.
"Johnnnnn, harrr…der." He moaned slowly. I didn't waste any time to respond to his request. I pushed as hard as I could into him, and I was close to my point, but a few seconds before I peaked, the drill stopped again and I started to hear footsteps coming toward our way.
What if he knocks, what are we going to do? I thought to myself in a panic, but before I could think of anything, I came into George with a stifled moan. George on the other hand probably didn't even hear the footsteps and he opened his mouth like he was going to moan loudly. My eyes almost bulged out of my head and I reached my hand over his mouth. I was terrified if the dentist would hear his screams. George groaned nosily, and I still covered his mouth even though he stopped.
"Shhh." I said before he was going to start asking me why I was covering his mouth.
He looked up to the door, and there were still footsteps, but they soon started to fade away. After I felt like we were safe, I slowly uncovered his mouth. He slowly hunched over my chest, and he panted. He seemed very tired, but I wasn't done with him. I grabbed his cock and started to pump it slowly in my hands.
"no…John, I'm tirr-." He protested but I wanted him to be satisfied too, no matter if he wanted to be or not.
"But you have to have a little fun, Georgie." I explained to him. I felt his hot breath on my chest.
"Ugh it feels so good John." He cried.
"Mhmm, I know George." I grumbled into his ear.
I pumped his cock faster and erratically.
"Like that." He moaned one last time and he came on my chest and some on his stomach.
"Look what you did, you naughty boy." I teased him.
"I'm..i.I'm sorry." He didn't know I was kidding.
"I'll clean it." He went on nervously. I chuckled as he looked around the room to find something to clean his mess.
"Well don't dirty the clothes, use yer tongue." I slid my fingers around his mouth. He seemed a little confused but then he bent down a little to reach the lower part of my chest. He opened his mouth hesitantly, and looked up to me as his tongue touched my chest. His eyes didn't leave mine as he did so. His tongue was warm and he moved his tongue with skill. He moved up at me when he finished and kissed my lower lip. I ran my fingers on his stomach and wiped the cum off of him.
"You're not done." I wiggled the dirtied fingers in front of his face and I put those fingers in his mouth. I felt his tongue again, he circled my fingers. After he was done he got down from a sitting position. He rested his head on my chest and curled up his legs like in a fetal position. He hugged my chest and sighed like he was comfortable. My hands ran over his bare ass, and he winced for a second.
"Does it still hurt?"
"A little." He admitted
"I'm sorry." I kissed his head. Kisses make anything better, right? We stayed like that for a long time. I looked up at the clock and it had been around 45 minutes. I jolted up and George yelped, he still held on to my sides.
"What's wrong?" He rubbed his eyes. He then looked up at the clock too and his eyes bugged out. I started to button my shirt and put on my pants. George followed my lead. We actually finished dressing really fast.
"George, your shirt isn't tucked in correctly." I smirked and fixed his shirt. He smoothed my hair, and then the door suddenly opened. We took our hands off each other and tried to look natural.
"I am very sorry; these two kids came in with one of their teeth in their hand."
"It's alright, and all." I looked down on counter twirling my finger again.
"We can start now." The dentist starting opening the cabinets and pulling out gloves and little glass bottles. George sat down on the chair and his eyes dilated when he pulled out a needle. I gave him the gesture to breath and relax.
"This will help you not feel it too much, you may feel a little funny but don't be alarmed." He put on a mask over George and slowly his eyes got a little droopy. I sat down on a nearby chair, and watched over him closely.
"Have you been eating a sandwich with lots of mayonnaise?" the dentist chuckled.
I blushed and George looked down at me for an answer.
"Yeah, before we came here…he ate." I stammered.
The dentist started and George flinched a lot.
I stroked his thigh softly and held his hand. He looked down at me and I smiled at him.
I could tell he was in a lot of pain, and I felt bad I couldn't do anything to help him. He squeezed my hands a few times.
"I'll be done in a few minutes." The dentist took down his mask.
"See George, it wasn't that bad." I fondled his hand. In a few minutes he was finally done.
"Okay, so he is going to be groggy for awhile, he won't be able to eat, is there anyone going to be taking care of him." He took off his gloves.
"I will."
"We then he is going to be in tremendous pain, he can't drink, smoke, eat hard foods, and you are going to have to make sure he flushes his mouth and all, I will write down the instructions." He went to his office. George laid there and his state of mind didn't seem like he was here. He was almost chuckling but it was muffled.
"Are you okay George?" I smoothed his hair. He didn't answer. I checked the clock and it was already seven.
"Come on George, it's time to go." I tried to pull him up but he was just limp. I wrapped my arms around his chest and he moaned in pain.
"If you get hurt, it's your fault." I pulled him up. I put on his coat and accidently brushed my hand on his face.
"JAAAWN,..." the rest was muffled.
But I could tell he was probably said ouch or something. I held him by his hip and kind of dragged him out.
"Here are the instructions, and I strongly suggest he shouldn't do much for the next few days."
"Okay, thank you Mr.Dentist." I left with a nod. I wasn't too sure about how to take care of him, because last time his mum took care of him for the first few days, but we would spend time together, even if he was in pain.
"Come on George, just lower your head." I tried to get him in the car. He got into some strange fetal position and he groaned. I leaned over to his side. I could smell the faint smell of blood on him. I kissed him very carefully, like a feather, because kisses make everything a little better.
John and George have a little naughty fun at the dentist.
First time submitting, and sorry if there are any mistakes, I wrote it late at night a long time ago., and a little corniness at the end (:
I do not own George nor John.
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PirateHunter4ev Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012  Student General Artist
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